Moldavite 7.47g

Moldavite 7.47g

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Color : Olive -green color , ranging from pale and translucent to varying shades of deep forest green with possible streaks of brown. 


Care: May be water cleansed . Natural stream or ocean water is most effective . 


Purpose : Transformation, Self -Healing, Cleansing .

This Tektite is widely known for transformation . Your life will be transitioned into what the universe has always called it to be. The stone has been called the “chaos” stone, but it doesn’t truly bring “chaos” , it positions you and others where they should actually be in your life, you just may not be ready to understand , accept or even deal with the reality things are not always what they seem. This stone could completely turn your life upside down for the BETTER.

Grace by Fire & Co. Moldavite is sourced from a respectable supplier from the Czech, Republic